She Knows: The Future of Workspaces

Get to Know: Nicole Vasquez  Company/Titles: Deskpass/Business Owner/Entrepreneur/Co-Founder, Chief Community Officer  Location: USA/International soon  Tell us about your business/job/position:  Deskpass is a work from anywhere solution for companies with remote employees that provides on-demand desks,

She Knows: Workplace Culture

Get to Know: Michele Rochon-Wood  Company/Titles: Workplace Culture Store/ Business Owner/Entrepreneur/ Writer/ Creative Director  Location: Ontario, Canada  Tell us about your business/job/position:  Workplace Culture Store provides resources for healthier, happier, and more creative workplaces. We support

A Love Letter to a 2014 News Release

One media outlet took a completely different approach. The Slate wrote and disseminated an announcement that I will forever consider to be a real example of feminism in practice. They published the engagement news in an article penned by Ben Mathis-Lilley.

She Knows: Access to Autism Services

Get to Know: Kimi Matsumura  Company/Titles: Chicago Autism Network/ Nonprofit Founder & CEO/ Business Owner/Entrepreneur  Location: Chicago, IL  Tell us about your business/job/position:  Chicago Autism Network strengthens the local autism community by helping families

She Knows: Gluten Free Breads

Get to Know: Tathy Vosgerau  Name: Tathy Vosgerau  Company/Titles: Gifted Breads – Business Owner/Entrepreneur/CEO  Location: 135 N Kedzie Ave., Chicago, IL  Tell Us About Your Business/Job/Position:  We make gluten free taste, feel and smell like bread – it’s

Jessica Niekrasz Headshot

She Knows: Cow Manure and Energy

Get to Know: Jessica Niekrasz Name: Jessica Niekrasz Company/Titles: Clean Fuel Partners ( and Partner Location: Live Chicago Area/ Work in Wisconsin Tell Us About Your Business/Job/Position: My company manages

She Knows: Online Retail and Unique Goods

Get to Know: Kristin Fischer Name: Kristin Fischer Company/Titles: Muirwood/Online Retail Shop Owner   Location: Glen Ellyn, IL  Tell Us About Your Business/Job/Position: Muirwood is a trendsetting housewares company that

She Knows: Electricity and Human Capital

Get to Know: Diana C. Sharpe Name: Diana C. Sharpe Company/Titles: ComEd, Vice President, Economic & Workforce Development Location: Chicago, IL Tell Us About Your Business/Job/Position: ComEd delivers electricity to

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