Get to Know: Gabi Nickas

She Knows: Skateboards and Digital Marketing

Get to Know: Gabi Nickas Name: Gabrielle (Gabi) Nickas Company/Title: CMO and Co-Owner at Original and Digital Marketing Consultant at Gabrielle Rose Current Location: New Jersey, but splits time

Frideate – Cookeebar

Our client, Pup Quiz, sent us the most fun package of cookies from a Chicago start-up as a token of her appreciation and adoration. I love receiving surprises in the mail,

Frideate – Kiwi Crate

My family has been subscribers to Kiwi Crate for a little over a year now and have utilized three different levels of their service – Panda (ages 0-24 months), Koala

Andrea's Mom

Why I Started Prequal

I was raised by a single mom whose only post-divorce career path was cleaning houses, even though her prior education and experience surpassed this position. She then worked her way

The Real Reasons Why I Quit My Job

In 2020, more than 2.2 million women left their jobs, lost their jobs, or modified how they defined “work.” I am one of those women, and this is my story.

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