Preparing for a Pitch Meeting

Congrats, you’ve scheduled a pitch meeting! This is when the prior work you’ve done fostering relationships, gathering information, and building connections come together. It is your opportunity to show the

A Complete Guide for Managing Sales

Entrepreneurs and business leaders often report that sales are their biggest challenge. In this article, we share the role of the following actions in your sales process: Creating an actionable

Segmenting Sales Prospects

Segmenting your sales prospects is important because there is no one-size-fits-all approach to sales and marketing. Segmenting will ensure that your message meets them where they are. Segmenting also enables

How to Craft Your Elevator Pitch

In business or your career, building relationships is essential to success. But, before you can forge a relationship, you need to make a connection. An elevator pitch is an opportunity

What is a network audit?

To create an actionable sales plan, the first critical step is to mine your network so you can determine your best next step. Sales are about people, and the quickest

How to Create an Actionable Sales Plan

Creating a sales plan can help you strategize and set goals, but creating an actionable sales plan is what you really need to get the sales results you’re looking for.

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