Virtual Brainstorming

Do you have a lot of ideas, and do you appreciate being asked for your opinion? 

Prequal offers and facilitates “Digital Storms.” A Digital Storm is a virtual collaboration in which we send a prompt on behalf of a client or project, and we gather your responses to drive the innovation process. Digital Storms are a useful tool used to crowdsource ideas from within a network because the best ideas come from diverse thinking. Depending on the project and your preference, we can keep you apprised of progress and share top ideas from other contributors.

It is easy to participate and join our community; just text us at 312.847.4032. When there is an opportunity to collaborate, we will send you a text. You can choose to respond or not. Participation is entirely voluntary, and you can opt out at any time.

Want us to tackle a current issue/opportunity for your business?

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Your career path and business decisions are uniquely yours. There is lived experience in them that other women need to hear. We believe that disseminating wisdom and building connections are catalysts to creating female business leaders who will define new paths forward for us all. Thank you for sharing your story and your knowledge with our readers. Please follow the link below to begin building your Prequal Profile.

She Knows: Library Services

Get to Know: Monica Dombrowski  Company/Titles: Winnetka-Northfield Public Library District/Public Libraries/Library Director  Location: Winnetka-Northfield Illinois  Tell Us About Your Business/Job/Position:  I’m a dynamic library

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Thought Leadership

Prequal accepts and publishes content written by readers and collaborators who have a story to tell. We are most interested in topics that share wisdom, research and resources for businesswomen and the topics they care about. You must own 100% of your material and preferably share a piece that has not been published elsewhere.  In exchange, we will provide a platform for your voice and an author profile. Occasionally we pay for individual contributions.

 If you are interested in contributing to our community with your written word please email us here –

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A Love Letter to a 2014 News Release

One media outlet took a completely different approach. The Slate wrote and disseminated an announcement that I will forever consider to be a real example of feminism in practice. They published the engagement news in an article penned by Ben Mathis-Lilley.

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