If you are not selling, your business is stalling. Entrepreneurs and business leaders often disclose that their biggest challenge is sales. Running your business is your superpower; growing your business is our superpower. Prequal’s coaches and consultants have decades of experience focused on revenue generation. Our process is streamlined and efficient so that you can focus on what you do best – running your business.

Sales Coaching

Sales coaching for individuals or teams to get new business in the door. Whether you are building sales contacts or ready to close the deal, Prequal is ready to assist.

Pitch Prep

Ready to pitch your product or services to a potential client?  Need to respond to an RFP?  Prequal will guide you throughout the entire process, increasing the likelihood of success with every business opportunity.

Revenue Workshop

Before investing in new revenue streams, Prequal will help you evaluate your options based on relevant criteria to determine the most profitable revenue generators. 

Stakeholder Interviews

Brands are built alongside key stakeholders. Prequal will conduct focused stakeholder interviews to obtain critical feedback and gain additional insights.

Sales Training

If you aren’t ready for one-on-one or small-group coaching services, our sales experts are also available for large-team, on-site workshops for your organization. 


Learn at your own pace with our focused workshops and courses.

About Prequal

You have already taken the first step by understanding you need to change something in your sales strategy. Let us help you the rest of the way.

Prequal is an innovation consultancy that solves problems, improves experiences and generates revenue opportunities for women-owned businesses and those businesses serving women. Prequal follows design thinking principles and humanity-centered design to produce true innovation – the only sustainable differentiator.