If I ever won the lottery, I would not buy a fancy car, a boat, or even an island. Believe it or not, despite all signs indicating otherwise, you would not see me on House Hunters International.  

Do you know what I would do?

I would pay someone to come to my house every single day and blow dry my hair. They would use their magic wands, their sorcery, and their potions products, and voila, I would have fluffy, beautiful, just-feathered-in-the-wind lottery-winning hair.

Slightly ridiculous, indulgent, vain, and lazy, no?

Here’s the truth, I am good at many hard things but coiffing a mane is not one of them.

A daily blowout is one part luxury, one part self-care, and all parts necessary, especially when a special event is on the calendar, a first date, or photos are being taken. For the last couple of years, my go-to place has been a little spot in the burbs called Betty’s Blow Dry and Beauty Bar.

Betty’s is a cute neighborhood place tucked on a side street in Elmhurst, IL. It’s owned by a super cool (of course, she’s super cool) visionary named Karianne.

Karianne had been a stylist for years and then decided to take the courageous plunge into creating her own space that caters to women who want (need) a little extra help when getting ready. While their primary services include blowouts and hairstyling, they also offer makeup services and eyelash extensions.

Sign. Me. Up.

When you spend a lot of time sitting in a chair, you get to know the people at the salon, and if you have a brain like mine, you can’t turn off the business ideas to secure additional revenue, retain current clients and of course, grow.

Without further ado – 4 ideas for Betty’s Blow Dry and Beauty Bar.  

  1. Gimme the world’s best photo, please – Or at least provide me the conditions to take my own. When you spend the time (and money) to make your face look as best as possible, you definitely want a photo to go with it. I recommend Betty’s set up a photo station for guests to take a picture. It could be fancy and private with lights and fabulous furniture. It could be silly and photobooth-like with props, maybe even a branded wallpaper. It could even be basic with a ring light and a table. Often salons like these have already great lighting by their makeup stations with giant mirrors, so this idea seems like low-hanging fruit with significant potential for Marketing results

How could a headshot or selfie help Betty’s market? Well, first, I become a walking advertisement. If I have a fabulous picture where I am looking showered and full of potential, you can bet I am posting that everywhere. The chances are that there will also be opportunities to tag Betty’s in social posts and make referrals when people comment. At the very least, Betty’s has the opportunity to enhance a guest’s experience, adding extra value and maximizing word of mouth brand opportunities. And this could likely be implemented for zero to few dollars.

  1. Branded makeup – When I am sitting in that chair, looking all fly, I will probably buy anything that you try to sell me to help extend the shelf life of my upgraded look. So, why not send me off with the exact hairspray, finishing spray, lipstick, liner, concealer, etc., etc., etc. that you used during my appointment. Admittedly, I don’t know the costs of white labeling makeup, but I do know that fries and a drink always work when selling a burger. Build me an endcap of stuff to buy and get those higher profit margins of the product market.
  1. Speaking of photos – While Betty’s does have a membership program designed for guests to get blowouts on the regular, I would venture that most of the clients are using these services for special occasion events. Special events equal more photos taken. I strongly recommend Betty’s implement a post-visit text to check-in the day after the event. Something as simple as automatically blasting out one to two sentences. “How did your event go yesterday? Would you be willing to share any photos you took that you love and make you happy?” 

    I think this tactic serves three primary purposes.

    • A check-in will help determine if the client was truly satisfied with their experience after leaving the salon. Did their hair and makeup hold up? Was it what they expected? A casual check-in will create a new, and likely very authentic channel of feedback.
    • A post-event check-in demonstrates care and extends the customer’s experience with your business. “You were thinking about me even after I paid you. And you cared about something important to me.”
    • Additionally, it’s an authentic time to ask for photos taken at the event. These “after” type photos showcase your work and become more engaging content than just the portraits I proposed above. They may also drive additional sharing, testimonials, and return visits.
    • Lastly, most salons already utilize a customer management system that leverages texting technology. Betty’s does. I can book my appointment, change times, ask questions all via text. Implement a “day-after check-in” would likely be an affordable and easy process to implement.

  1. Content – In addition to all the photos, I am recommending Betty’s become the authority on special event preparation for their customers and in the internet world. Suppose their socials are a portfolio of their work, makeovers, and a showcase of customers. In that case, these platforms can also be made more interesting and useful by offering tips, advice, tutorials, product recommendations, and a hub for trends. And it’s not just Facebook and Instagram. Betty’s should build out Pinterest and use boards to connect with customers and reach new networks of women. Pinterest is, after all, another search engine. By curating content and creating pins, Bettys could drive traffic back to their site and increase their brand authority around their specialties.

    I am the type of consumer that doesn’t trust myself to do my hair and makeup when the stakes (and desires) are higher. It is then also true then that I am the type of consumer that seeks out the influencers and resources who will just tell me what to buy, do, wear, what’s on-trend right now, etc. I don’t want to be an expert on beauty topics. I want to focus my brain energy and research time on generating ideas for womxn-led brands. It would be great if Betty’s could claim that space in my life and become a resource center for these topics. 

    Oh, and you can then sell me something while I’m there digesting your content—a whole new revenue stream.

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