Frideate – Cookeebar

Our client, Pup Quiz, sent us the most fun package of cookies from a Chicago start-up as a token of her appreciation and adoration. I love receiving surprises in the mail, especially ones that are edible. It became only more perfect because the cookies were fun, unique, and so very delicious.

The Cookeebar was started when the founder wanted to share her love for cookies. She was determined to create the most mouthwatering cookee in the Midwest. Something delicious and BIG that you couldn’t finish in one bite. She couldn’t find what she wanted, so she created her own BIG cookie.

 Without further ado, here are five ideas for Cookeebar.

  1. Raise prices:  I think these cookees are underpriced. There I said it. They are huge and include so many ingredients. At the time of this blog posting, a mixed six-pack is only $30 plus shipping, and single flavored packs of 6 are $20! Compared to alternative fun edible treats to send in the mail, these are a bit under market value.  Think Milk, Edible Arrangements, Spoonful of Comfort. Perhaps this is a start-up tactic to gain an audience and build a fan base, but there is room here to raise the prices, even before there is a loyal fan base. If that is, in fact the case, I would encourage coupons, sales or loyalty programs instead. Even raising the price by $5 would significantly impact profit margins for these cookees and create the ability to offer cheaper, or even free, shipping.
  1. Speaking of pricing and shipping – idea number two is to include a 10% off coupon in each box of cookees shipped. When I received the package, I was so impressed that I immediately thought, “Who can I send these to? Is there something that needs to be celebrated soon?”  While 10% off is not a huge incentive, the cost would cover shipping, which psychologically feels like an incentive to order, and I must imagine that 10% does not cut into profit margin significantly.
  1. These cookies are ginormous and decadent. I propose creating an option to order a bag of mini cookees. Minis are an excellent add-on option if a customer feels guilty ordering a big batch or is buying a gift and would like to reward themselves. The best part is that Cookeebar could probably charge $10+, half the cost of a full batch, and require fewer materials to produce. I predict these would be very popular and generate generous revenue. A bag of mini cookees feels easy to buy and eat.
  1. Customize a cookee is idea number 4.  I love the idea of Cookeebar having a bit of a buffet option; how about some lucky charm marshmallows, nuts, and a bit of chocolate drizzle? Yes, please. An option for each kid to design their own cookie or create an “Andrea special” as gifts for friends and family; sign me up. This idea speaks to the endless need for consumer customization and prioritizes higher-priced options. I am not familiar with Cookeebar’s process, so I am unsure if the revenue generated outweighs the work necessary to customize orders. I guess it would depend on pricing; see idea number 1.
  1. I can never turn down the opportunity to compete in a contest. This last idea is a marketing idea that drives customer engagement, curiosity, regular recurring traffic to the Cookeebar website, and my favorite thing in the whole world, innovation. I recommend designing a customer-created voting contest to generate recipe ideas and versions of a new cookee to be included on Cookeebar’s menu. Cookeebar could invite the public to submit cookee recipe ideas and invite website viewers to vote on interesting cookee concepts to advance to future rounds. There could be brackets and taste testing rounds, with the winner getting a permanent spot on the menu.

There you have it, five ideas for a new brand that I am digging. If Cookeebar adopts even one of these ideas, I am confident that this start-up will become a household name.

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