Our Purpose

Prequal’s mission is to generate sustainable revenue opportunities for women through innovation, creative problem solving, and connection.

Guiding Principles


We believe that Innovation is the only sustainable differentiator in today’s competitive marketplace; everything else is replicable. 


We believe that humanity-centered design puts empathy at the core of business services and product creation, and in doing so, everyone wins. 


We believe that women’s economic empowerment is critical to realizing women’s rights and gender equality, and when women succeed, families, communities, and economies thrive.  

Commitment to
Diversity & Inclusion

Our greatest strength in our business is diversity.  As we grow and scale our own business we are committed to: (1) cultivating a diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce where our differences drive innovative solutions; (2) collaborating with diverse clients, suppliers and communities; and (3) creating an equality-centered workplace culture.

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Our Promise

We occasionally have the opportunity to work with clients that do not classify as women-owned. In most cases, those businesses are serving women customers, are women-led, or share the mission to advance women’s economic empowerment. 

We promise to dedicate a portion of the profit generated from these engagements to our Prequal Fund. We will reinvest this fund into women start-ups, charitable efforts and not-for-profit work focused on serving women with disabilities, black, indigenous, people of color, transgender women.

HX Collective Logo


Andrea Mac is a founding member of the HX Collective, a group of diverse; big thinkers focused on advancing human flourishing. Read the HX manifesto and learn about their work here.

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