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Take an in-depth examination through a broad lens to reframe the challenge, define innovation criteria, and reveal new opportunities for value creation—research, interviews, and immersion help gain a deeper understanding of your key stakeholders’ goals.

Ideation & Prototyping

Prequal helps remove constraints to expand your possibilities. We aim to prioritize creativity and collective imagination during this phase of innovation. Our structured ideation results in a large number of unbridled, diverse ideas for you to explore. This stage of the strategic innovation process focuses on solution conceptualization and then prototyping for the strongest, most viable solution that incorporates your users all along the way.

Facilitated Ideation

Starting with a clear problem or opportunity, we lead methods and use tools for structured ideation. We work with a diverse group of participants to generate as many ideas as possible.

Workshop Design & Guidance

We design or support your team’s efforts to host creative storms to maximize idea generation in a compressed time frame.

Concept Development

We ideate behind the scenes and deliver multiple concepts to select from and move forward in the innovation process.

Testing, Implementation, & Integration

The strategic business design leverages the methodologies and capabilities required to turn your big idea into reality—focused implementation, results in competitive advantage and commercial gains. Creating alignment between interconnected systems, groups, and people streamlines the process and emphasizes innovation in your organization. This final element of innovation coordinates priority activities to deliver on a human-centered strategy. Integrating new concepts into the current operating model must be seamless and qualified. Critical Analysis of Potential Deficiencies (CAPD) will be performed on the final solution before implementation. A growth trajectory forecast is a benchmark method to track performance over time.

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