Get to Know: Shanina McCregg

Name: Shanina McCregg

Company/Titles:  SM Style Lounge / CEO + Creative Director

SM Style Lounge Logo

Location:  Chicago, IL

Tell Us About Your Business/Job/Position: 

SM Style Lounge is an event planning and design company that creates tailored style experiences in wedding and event production as well as other celebratory occasions. We assist our clients with curating unique and customized design plans that exude their personal taste.  From color to concept execution, we provide top-notch client services, seamless event management, and innovative designs that reflect who you are and how you celebrate!

Now, do it in 6 words only please:  Create stylish event experiences that WOW.

If you had an extra 5 hours a week to spend on your work, where would you invest the time? 

I would invest my time in showing up more on social media, building a bigger team, and practicing more design techniques. 

What goals do you have for your business? 

Eventually, I would like to expand my business to include both interior and fashion design.  The name ‘SM Style Lounge’ does not necessarily ring event design, but I wanted a name that would span across all areas of my creative interests.  Another goal is to have a brick-and-mortar showroom to display my talents and host existing and potential clients.  

What business task do you dread the most?

Inventory!  Pulling and packing away is a nightmare. You should see my storage space…or maybe not.

Give Us Your Wisdom

What will you always spend money on?

Besides shoes?  Workshops/classes to increase and sharpen my skills.  It is so important to stay in front of what is new in the design world so that you can stand out and serve your clients with innovative concepts.  I do believe that anything that stays stagnant will eventually die.  We must not get complacent, but instead learn new skills to elevate our brands and grow.

What is a piece of advice that you received that has stuck with you throughout all phases of your career? 

Ask questions!  There are no dumb questions.  The more you know, the more valuable you are.

If you could save readers from one misstep, what advice would you share?

Don’t try to do it all yourself!  Just because you can do it, does not mean you should and definitely doesn’t mean you have the time to do it.  Time is money, and if it is not worth your time or you don’t have the know-how, outsource it.  I’m still accepting this as a fact myself, by the way.

Do you have an absolute favorite business tool or resource? 

Well, I just started using Planoly to help schedule my social media postings and so far, I love it. With such a busy schedule, this helps me stay connected and on top of social posting because if I must go off the cuff for each post, I’ll probably choose to do something else with my time.  

Connecting Personally

What’s your favorite quote/life motto?

If allowed, I’d like to share a short poem that I recite quite often for maybe the last 25 years of my life – I promise all the rest of my answers will be short 🙂

Look to this day, for it is LIFE. The very Life of Life.  In its brief course, lies all the realities and truths of existence.  The joy growth, the splendor of action, the glory of power.  For yesterday, is but a memory and tomorrow is only a vision, but TODAY – well lived, makes every yesterday a memory of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope.  Look well, therefore to THIS DAY!

Is there a pipe dream/bucket list item you are willing to share?

Buy an island or a large villa for all my family to live amongst one another.

Do you read or listen to anything on the regular? 

Yes, I listen to sermons by TD Jakes quite often, random inspirational videos, and lately – a lot of Clubhouse.

What else should we know about you? 

I love all things creative. I am a woman of faith and know that God has his hands on me.  The driving force and my reason for pushing so hard is so I can do more for others and be an inspiration to the younger generation in my family.

How can readers connect with you and follow your journey?

I just launched my new website so you can visit and look for my upcoming blogs.  I’ll be sharing tips on event and floral design as well as self-care and lifestyle posts. You can also find me on Instagram and Facebook.

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