Get to Know: Jessica Niekrasz

Name: Jessica Niekrasz

Company/Titles: Clean Fuel Partners ( and Partner

Location: Live Chicago Area/ Work in Wisconsin

Tell Us About Your Business/Job/Position:

My company manages biogas facilities in WI. These facilities process cow manure off dairy farms, capture the methane and turn it into either electricity or renewable natural gas.

My work occurs outside daily operations and has shifted over the years. Currently, I advocate for policies supporting the intersection of the biogas industry, dairy and clean water. I also translate technical speak into something the rest of us can understand. Remember when teachers said, “There are no stupid questions?” That was directed at me. All questions, all the time. I look for opportunities to foster conversations supporting shared goals. Understanding the perspectives of all parties and finding some consensus is key to advancing change.

Now, do it in 6 words only please:

Building bridges to advance shared goals.

If you had an extra 5 hours a week to spend on your business, where would you invest the time?

Talking to people for better understanding of their perspectives.

What is a goal you have for your business?

Develop a Government Affairs group.

Give Us Your Wisdom 

What will you always spend money on?

Good shoes. If my feet feel good on the ground, I stand taller (literally and figuratively).

What is a piece of advice that you received/read that has stuck with you throughout phases of your career?

Asking someone if they have time to talk before launching into a conversation. Also, say what needs to be said. Clear is kind.

If you could save readers from one misstep, what advice would you share?

Trust yourself. Listen to your inner voice. You have everything you need already. There are valuable lessons to be learned from all experiences.

Connecting Personally

What’s your favorite quote/life motto?

“Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!” –Auntie Mame, as played by Rosalind Russel

If you haven’t seen the movie ‘’Auntie Mame,” find it and enjoy.

Is there a pipe dream/bucket list item you are willing to share?

Ooooo- several. I would like to retire to Paris, at least part time. I would like to drop limiting beliefs. And travel more … some day.

What’s the most significant/impactful purchase you have made under $100?

Currently? Masks. Ever? A good quality candle is a luxury.

Do you read or listen to anything on the regular?

I am the Queen of podcasts. Weekdays – Up First, the Daily 202’s Big Idea, The Bulwark and the NY Times The Daily. Weekly – Smartless, Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend and Literally! With Rob Lowe. And, I love the Brené Brown podcasts on Spotify. 

How can readers connect with you and follow your journey?

You can follow us on LinkedIn or Facebook and check out our website.

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