Get to Know: Nicole Vasquez 

Company/Titles: Deskpass/Business Owner/Entrepreneur/Co-Founder, Chief Community Officer 

Location: USA/International soon 

Tell us about your business/job/position: 

Deskpass is a work from anywhere solution for companies with remote employees that provides on-demand desks, meeting rooms, and offices by the hour/day/week/month around the world. There’s no setup or monthly fees; it’s purely pay as you go. 

The solution also comes with a free dashboard to centralize billing/reporting, create stipends or spending caps, choose which workspaces your employees can visit and what kind of inventory they can reserve, and much more. 

Remote employees love Deskpass because they enjoy the freedom to choose where their best work happens, from thousands of inspirational, productivity-boosting workspaces. To learn more or request a demo, visit There’s also a helpful calculator to discover how much you’ll save on real estate costs with Deskpass! 

Now do it in 6 words only: Powering workspace freedom 

If you had an extra 5 hours a week to spend on your business, where would you invest the time? 

Although we do this a lot now, I would always opt to do more if I had more time: talking with everyone who uses our platform: members, client companies, space partners, and even my own teammates. Collecting feedback is SO valuable and although you won’t follow every single suggestion, just knowing what’s on people’s minds provides a comprehensive framework of how people think about your business. 

What is a goal that you have for your business? 

Providing remote workers the ability to choose where their best work happens AND for Deskpass to be available in every country and city where there are shared workspaces. 

Give Us Your Wisdom 

What will you always spend business budget on? 

A gift to recognize an extra special effort made by a teammate, so they know they are much appreciated! 

What is a piece of advice that you have received or read that has stuck with you throughout phases of your career? 

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. The further along in your career the harder it gets to ask for help because leaders worry about being vulnerable and showing that they don’t have all the answers. Don’t let that stop you from asking for help! Build a supportive network of trusted leaders, take a course, hire a consultant or coach, read a new book, talk to a therapist, try a new experiment. Whatever it takes, just don’t get stuck. 

If you could save readers from one misstep, what would you share? 

Success is the culmination of many, many small steps. As often as it’s said, I still love the phrase “funny how it takes years to be an overnight success” because I know a lot of people give up or feel frustrated. If you LOVE what you do and you are convinced there is immense value in it. DO IT. Evolve, refine, and be the best business doing that one thing….multiple, consistent wins is the tried and true formula for success 

Do you have an absolute favorite business tool or resource? 

Traction (book) and the EOS Operating System model. 

Connecting Personally 

What is your personal favorite quote or life motto? 

I have 2: “To those of whom much is given, much is expected.” And,

 “The only way to know, is to go.” 

Is there a pipe dream or bucket list item that you are willing to share? 

Although timing is not determined yet, I am certain that I will write a book, and also travel the world continuously for at least 3 straight months. 

What is the most significant/impactful purchase that you have made for under $100? 

ManiMe 3D printed nail designs – no more spending hours at the nail salon with questionable chemicals. I love anything that gives me MORE of my time back! 

Do you read or listen to anything on the regular? 

I listen to a TON of podcasts. Some of my favorites are: WorkLife by Adam Grant, Making Sense by Sam Harris, Pod Save the People with DeRay, Masters of Scale by Reid Hoffman, Hidden Brain by Shankar Vedantam, The Tim Ferriss Show, Planet Money by NPR, Naval by Naval, WSJ The Future of Everything 

What else should we know about you? 

My favorite way to learn about the world is by asking intriguing questions and having compelling conversations…also traveling as often as I can and eating ALL things. 

How can readers connect with you and follow your journey?  

Instagram, Linkedin, and 


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